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As a youngster I always loved to mess around mixing kitchen ingredients together to make face masks, filling the bath with my own skin care produce. I had a real passion for it and found it fun too, my Mum must have been thrilled.  I also used to make homemade candles with my friend in our garden (wooden) shed but that's another story, how we didn't burn it down....... again, a brave Mum.

Fast forward to my early twenties and having escaped the usual skin problems as a teenager, I suddenly became hyper-sensitive to many skincare and make-up products.  I tried them all to see if I couldn’t fix the problem because I couldn’t go out without it …… this was the 80’s!

I began to look towards natural products thinking that would be the answer but soon found that many brands who claimed to be ‘natural’, ‘fragrance free’ or ‘hypoallergenic’, turned out to be full of chemicals, strong fragrance and known irritants.

I missed the experience of having a relaxing bath or an invigorating shower using those favourite products that make you feel special and pampered and smell so gorgeous.  It was all about preventing skin irritation rather than indulging in products.  Bathing in hot water only, for fear of having a skin break out doesn’t give you the same ‘Spa’ feel.

Fast forward again to a once in a lifetime trip to Fiji where we came across a locally made soap made from pure coconut oil (popo niu as they say in Fiji) which not only had a gorgeous scent but didn’t cause any reaction.  After much research  and learning …… an idea was born.

I started ‘Niu Beauty’ a small business beginning with bath oil blends mostly made using coconut oil as a base which has a light hydrating quality without stripping the important oils from your skin.  Additional oils are added to give extra nutrition and healing qualities along with luxury fragrances which shouldn’t cause any adverse reactions.

I’d love you to try them and maybe we could join the increasing numbers of businesses and customers kicking back against the use of heavy chemicals and irritants in an industry that to press, let's face it, has relied on customers insecurities. Don't get me wrong I love all things Spa and Beauty but with less chemicals and more sustainability.

Niu Beauty’s mission is to produce skincare and wellbeing scents from 100% natural ingredients, packaged in a planet friendly way with animal cruelty free produce sourced from the UK and around the world (if not grown here).

We use high quality botanical ingredients to ensure luxurious oil blends which are free from any artificial additives, chemical additions or processes. 

Although each oil blend is designed to nourish and heal all types of skin, It is also formulated with sensitive skin at the forefront of our research.

They are designed to encourage our skins natural balance to return, also to give an increased sense of wellbeing, leaving your body and mind feeling restored and ready to take on the next challenge, or relaxed and open to a restorative sleep. 

Our aim is to provide high quality natural products but also acknowledge the amazing world we live in and how we need to minimise the impact we have on it.  With this in mind our working goals are: 

  • Recycling and reusing wherever possible
  • Sourcing ingredients that are certifiably from cruelty free origins
  • Actively working towards plastic free packaging
  • Purchasing organically whenever possible 

Lastly, ‘Niu’ (pronounced ‘new’) is Polynesian for Coconut which is the main carrier oil we use in most of our products and came about as part of the Niu Beauty story, long before we’d even thought of starting our small business.

Niu Beauty oil blends are proudly made in Yorkshire.

Emma XX